It's A Small World

Set sail in an imaginative journey and enjoy scenes through different cultures far and wide. Experience the joy and wonder of creatively costumed dolls, elaborate sets, unforgettable music and for the first time ever, your favorite Disney Characters.

Tour over 30 countries : Enjoy the rich culture of the world's countries categorised according to regions : Asia, Middle East, Americas, Europe & Africa.

The song "It's A Small World" is sung in 9 different languages and 4 of them are unique to HK Disneyland (Putonghua, Cantonese, Tagalog & Korean).

See whether you can spot all 38 Disney characters which are in the tour. Expect queues here to tremendously long..... even without any queue, the walking distance is very long!
Best thing is to head straight here as soon as the park opens. There will be no one in queue and after the first ride, you can continue on the second ride and the third ride. Just inform the cast members that you want a second ride and they will escort you via a shortcut to re-ride the boats. Take time to experience the ride rather than snapping away with your camera!

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