It's A Small World - Costumes

Costume from Africa : loincloth & multiple bracelets, armbands & anklets. The headband is decorated with beads & shells

Costume from China : the cheongsam or qipao. Beautiful embroidery on the shoes matches those on the dress.

Costume from Japan : traditional kimono with obi sash

Costume from Korea : Hanbok or Chosonot, worn during festivals and celebrations

Costume from India : sari with intricate details & headpiece

Costume from Germany: classic Lederhosen worn by young boys feature elaborate embroidery

Costume from Italy : worn by gondoliers - striped shirt, white pants, jacket, amband & straw hat

Costume from Spain : Flamenco dancer dress with layers of polka dotted ruffles

Costume from Russia : classic winter outfit with hat, boots & sash

Costume from South America : featuring a hat with grapes and ribbon worn by the Samba dancer from Brazil

Costume from Israel : Arba Kanfot with fringes, hat and vest. Worn during special occasions

Costume from Hawaii : traditional grass skirt & lei

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