Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden is one of the many dining options at HK Disneyland Hotel. Do not miss this place as it offers diners the opportunity to meet & greet favourite Disney characters while enjoying the buffet spread. The restaurant exudes Victorian elegance and style.

There's a dark chocolate and white chocolate fountain with lots of strawberries. Absolutely yummy!

Specially designed baby highchair which matches all the other furniture 

International cuisine is served here : Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Asian & Western

The most exciting part when dining here is the opportunity to interact with Disney characters e.g. Mickey & Minnie. They will go visiting ALL the tables and make multiple rounds. You can have your photos taken with them using your own camera and at the same time, the cast members have their own photographers to take snapshots for you. The photos will then be processed into souveniers (even keychains!) for you to purchase on the spot! If you like more copies, just place an order. The cast members will enclose the price list for you.


Buffet Breakfast/Dinner available and reservations are necessary. There are usually 2 sessions for the buffet - each lasting 1.5hours. Call +852-3510-6000 for enquiries or reservations. Offers and promotions are available from time to time

Some of the delicious morsels of food served during the breakfast buffet


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What a wonderful blog !!!
I've reed a lot of your posts from France ...
Lovely work !

I don't know if one day I'll be in Hong Kong Disneyland, but in this case, your blog is the best !!!

I've got a blog too, I Criticize Disneyland Paris' retaurants ... Come to see it !!!

Bénédicte Larré

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