Star Guest Recognition Pack

The Star Guest program runs from 19 March-23 May 2010 at Hong Kong Disneyland.
Step into Main Street USA and head straight to City Hall to receive a FREE Star Guest Recognition Pack! Limited quantities available each day on a first come first served basis so make sure you head on early to Disneyland. Gates open at 10am to Main Street USA. Other attractions at all the other lands start at 10:30am.

So what's in a Star Guest Recognition Pack? 
1) Button badge  
2) Star Guest Card

There are 48 different Star Guest cards to collect! These cards are given out by Disney cast members as a souvenier each time the Star Guest enjoys a magical moment. Selected Disney cast members have a stack of 'coupons' with special treats known as Star Experience.
Those coupons have a date stamped behind and is valid for that day only. Examples of coupons as below. The first one was for a photography session with a Disney character. The second one was for a story-telling session.

Then once you have experienced the magical moment, you will receive stickers & a card
Examples of stickers above. Cast members are 'heavily armed' with these and will distribute to all Star Guests everywhere around the park

These cards are only given by selected cast members upon completion of any Star Experience. The card has details of a character on one side and the other says which Star Experience you've had. Example above of Mulan : "I heard a Magical Story at Disneyland Today".

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