Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Overview

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. This hotel exudes Victorian charm and splendour in all its furnishings, decorations etc. I enjoyed staying in this hotel and would highly recommend it to all.


Service was efficient and friendly. Upon arrival at the hotel via taxi from the airport, our luggage was immediately tagged and we were ushered into the hotel's magnificent lobby which ws bustling with activity. Check-in was a breeze as the children were entertained by Playhouse Disney Channel in a small enclosed area at the lobby near the counters leaving me to handle the check-in wthout distractions. 

Beautiful paintings adorn the walls behind the front desk counters

The children were so excited that they could sit and watch their favourite TV show

Very ornate lift to the higher floors

The chandelier just above the Grand Salon

Dining Options
Crystal Lotus
Enchanted Garden
Kingdom Club
Sea Breeze Bar
Grand Salon
Sorcerer's Lounge

Kingdom Gifts
Live Band
Victorian Spa
Swimming Pools & Gym
Outdoor Ball Games
Mickey Maze
Prince Eric Room
King Triton Room

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